Saturday, February 11, 2012

A close encounter with Zebras & Giraffes #42

You know I had Zebras at my pool one day almost 2 years ago... Yes, I know, quite THE experience! And if you don't believe it, look at my blog post here.

So that was a pretty cool moment... only one that you can experience in Africa, which is why our lives are so fascinating by moving to all these different places all over the world. But don't you get that feeling sometimes of 'done that, been there', and you want to top your awesome experience somehow...

So what next??

I was googling Kenya, because that is still on my list of places to go to. And my favorite animal is the giraffe, we can see loads of giraffes here in South Africa, but now I want Giraffes in my dining room!!

Dining Room?? I see your face, why in the world would you want that??


Because when I was googling Kenya, Nairobi... I saw these pictures.....

And don't you think that is so COOL??

These pictures are from the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. I totally want to go there!!

I mean I need to top that list... zebras at pool, giraffes in dining room... sounds like a good list I am building here, don't you think??

Giraffe Manor is set in 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest and is only 20 kilometres from Nairobi city centre. Built in the 1930s, this luxury boutique hotel has maintained all the charm of the era and is now famous for its resident herd of Rothschild Giraffe. Giraffe Manor offers you an unparalleled experience of the giraffes, with them vying for your attention at the breakfast table, the front door and even your bedroom window. Cool huh?

Now I just have to find an appropriate time to go and of course I will keep you updated with my own pictures.

But for now... I just go to the local Lion Park where we can snuggle up with these cute giraffes and play with lion cubs... not bad either!!

What is on your bucket list of things to do??
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
Mireille xx


Wendy said...

I'll tell you what's on my bucket go with you to the giraffe manor in Kenya! I am completely fascinated by giraffes. When we were at the zoo last weekend, I spent most of my time photographing them and staring at them while the rest of my family wanted to move on. I love their big eyes and long eyelashes, their fabulous long tongues, their elegant necks, and how effortlessly they can rise from a kneeling position.

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

NOw that would be cool, it would be quite strange to have a giraffe head coming in your window. I remember people driving 20 miles an hour where we used to live to look at the cows, I mean cows???? and here there are so many deer, but you get someone who doesn't live around here I suppose its cool. I have no bucket list.......

Mireille said...

Let's plan together Wendy! Would be fun for the girls too!!


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