Tuesday, September 14, 2010

~ Nail Art ~

Okay, let's talk about hands... no even more specific; Nails, and even more in detail: Nail Art!

I have acrylic nails, already more than 10 years and the bad thing about this is, because I have it already for so long, my nails are brittle and weak... so when I take them off, they break, split and I can't stand it, so I go back to the nail salon and put them back on again. But it is such a hassle to keep it up, going about every 2-3 weeks to the nail salon to refill it and to keep them neat and more or less looking like this.

And if I feel Funky or I am going to a party, or it is Valentine's day or some other fun holiday I might go for this look with some glitter on it, sometimes in the color of the season. Still subtle, but a little bit more fun.

Maybe with a swirl like this, but I don't like the add-on's... so NO gems for me! But this still looks decent and fun to me...

And these are fun for a girls night out in the town... yes I can see me doing that! Just for the evening though...

And I can even see if you have such a cute pink hairstyle that you want to match your nails to complete the look!

But then it gets more extreme....

and although these are works of art, I wonder how these women can work with those nails!

In Asia there are nail art conventions with prizes to win, like this woman below she won the first prize in Singapore.

I wonder not only about working with those, but doing anything at all??

It's a booming business and of course Japan is one of the leaders...

and maybe these girls don't work?? .... Like me, maybe I should go for an extreme look like this?? LOL

Oh, and they even have it for toe nails...

How do you feel about this art form, something you would do, maybe even just for a weekend??

Have a great day!


Maci Miller said...

Love anything fun and funky and fashiony but I tend to leave the funky colors for my toes and play it safe for my finger nails. I had acrylic for YEARS and I'll tell you I miss it. Love the look (and durability) of pink and white acrylic french manicure that never chips or breaks for 2-3 weeks. However, I found it real hard to keep up when I brought Ruby home so I went back to natural. It took months but they are finally healthy and growing and not so thin. The temptation to go back to my fake and perfect nails is always there. Will I do it or not? We'll have to see! I might cave!

Wendy said...

Cool! Love the ideas you come up with for your blog posts.

Mireille said...

Yeah I know what you mean Jen, I go back and forth... not always easy Wendy to come up with something!!


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