Friday, February 24, 2012

Curly girl #55

The girls had crazy hair day at school again. I took some pictures of the in-the-making-process, but not of the end result :-(

Juliet knew exactly how she wanted it... like she had her hair at Halloween, maybe you remember?? A lot of kids thought it was a wig, because Juliet and Jasmine have such a straight hair. But I found a way to make it so curly, even the texture of the hair seems to change, it is really really curly when you do it this way.

For the crazy hair day, Juliet had it like this, without the make up and the rest of course, just the curls. Jasmine decided to attach all different colors of hair extensions and make it a bit more wild.

So here's my tip to change your child's hair for the day!

You wash it, and then take small strands of hair, I divide her hair in half and each half I take 10 strands, so 20 in total. Then I turn and turn the strands of hair very tightly, keep turning and then you wrap it into a little pile and secure it with a hair elastic.

When all 20 are done, I blow dry it a bit and let her sleep with the curly knots for the whole night. Make sure it is dry before you take out the curls, otherwise it will be all gone very fast.

Take out the elastic bands and uncurl the hair and try to brush it a bit to make it wild, it looks honestly like she has natural curls.

After a shower it's all gone!!

Just curls for a day!

Fun to look different for just a day, but when I asked JJ if she would have liked to have curly hair, she said she rather not... it is so hard to comb ;-)

Glad they like themselves the way they are!!
Mission accomplished... the "I love me" which I wrote about a few days ago is working :-)

Enjoy your Friday, what are your plans for the weekend??
I am flying to the USA tomorrow for my green card extension, so Dirk and the girls are home alone for a whole week.
I will see if I can blog while I am there... going to try!!

Ciao, M xx

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Maci Miller said...

Such a cute idea! Should try this with Ruby sometime. I bet she would really love it! Great that the girls are comfortable in their own skin. I didn't see the "I love me" post I don't think. Will have to go back and look for it. I've missed some posts lately!


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