Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Changes in diet #60

So my trip to the USA was first to renew my Green Card, which expires in 10 years... so that is how long I have it...

Did you know that I won my green card through a lottery? You can do that as well, see my picture below and google it, every year I filed for the lottery and my 4th year I won! That was also the year I did it through a lawyer, maybe a coincedent, but you can't affort to make 1 simple mistake in filling in the form, because that will disqualify you. So my advice is if you want to pursue go through a lawyer who specializes in this field. The money is worth it!!

To do this you also need updated biometrics in your file, which expires... believe it or not every 15 months!! I thought finger prints never change?? I still don't get why this is done??

So after I got approved for a new Green Card... I am waiting for that confirmation. They will send me an invitation to do my Biometrics (fingerprints)... I need to do that in the USA in person as well... so you get the idea??

In about 30 to 90 days I can expect to get an invitation to go the US immigration office, that can be done in a lot of locations in the USA, and now a days in some countries outside the US. But I doubt that that will be the case for South Africa, it is not on the list where the USA immigration would put a priority for such an expensive equipment.

So that probably means I need to go to the USA again in 30-90 days....

But at least I can keep my Green card updated for another 2 years... pfew, it seems long another 2 years, but you know what the last time I did it 2 years ago seemed like yesterday!

Another reason, which I added later to make my trip a bit more useful than just go for the Green card, although it is very important to me, I am buying loads of stuff for my new diet I am going to follow. Since the fluid diet I like to follow to give my weight loss a kick in the butt and this diet comes from the USA all the products are easy to buy in the USA, but NOT in South Africa. So I thought I will buy the protein shakes and vitamins and diet supplements in the USA for the first 2 months and then if I haven't lost enough yet to get going, I will see if I can buy other brands that have the same results.

Another thing I am planning to do is... already for quite a while now, but everytime I chicken out, because I am scared of operations... is getting a hysterectomy. I have severe endometriosis and lately it is getting worse. My hormones are out of whack, I have more and more pain again.

And then I am thinking I probably loose some more weigth after I get my hysterectomy, at least that is what quite a few friends told me... we will see! This I will not do of course to loose weight, but more to get my health in order as I wrote in the beginning of the year as my New Year's resolution.

The liquid diet is also a good detox system, and since I do one detox every year, mostly in spring, or in the first few months of the year, since in South Africa it will be fall instead of spring, but that doesn't matter really. A detox once a year is always good, especially to get your body in a kick start for a diet.

So wish me luck in getting my renewed Green Card and in my pursue to loose those unwanted kilos!!
Enjoy your day!


Wendy said...

The biometrics requirements don't surprise me. I still have to get fingerprinted every single time I get a teaching job (I'm sure this is true of many occupations), and I am a US citizen, was born, live, work, own property, and pay taxes here.

Good luck with your diet!

Mireille said...

It's crazy indeed. But I pay my taxes and own property in the USA too, the only thing I don't do is yet live and work there... But never say never, and it could happen even sooner than we think!


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