Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4th Blog Anniversary #32

What I forgot to mention was that yesterday was not only my Bday but I had my 4th Blog Anniversary as well!


Wow, I can't believe that I am writing on a regular basis now for the last 4 years, time has flown by! I have written 705 blog posts in 4 years. That is on average: 176 per year, almost every other day a new post.

I am grateful for YOU, all my readers, that you have stuck it out all that time! Kept me following and giving me comments, this is what keeps me going!! Knowing that there are readers out there that enjoy my ramblings about our lives in South Africa.

How fun it is to meet so many friends all over the world!

Blogging is a great thing, a cool thing, it's hip and happening, even after 4 years. Actually even more so!! Did you know that there is an estimation that 1 out of 6 people in the world have a personal blog.... and then there are still people READING my blog, that blows my mind!! I have about 100.000 page views a year, which means 8.300 a month, which equals 275 a day.

WHO ARE YOU ALL?? Most of you NEVER comment... PLEASE do so MORE!! You know me so well, introduce yourself, so I can get to know you too!!

Some of you have been following me for the last 4 years, seeing JJ and Jezz grow up from 6 to almost 10 years of age. And I have been doing the same with your blogs. But I like to know more of you!!

I really appreciate this long distant friendship between a few of you, and even meeting some of you this last year was truly amazing. It makes the connection so much deeper. And I know we will be in each others lives for years to come!!

I was talking last year already to change up the blog a bit, well... this year I will add a few more things. Keep this space on your bookmarks :-) and visit me often, I am not going anywhere!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!! Oh and by the way... today is my FIRST cooking class. I am teaching 10 ladies how to make Vietnamese ginger chicken and fish, Carrot Som Tam, a super delicious drink and dessert as well with my favorite ingredients Lemongrass and Lavender. Since this is the name of my cooking classes!

More about that later!
Ciao, Mireille xx


Isis Natel said...

I´m one of the more than 500 readers! You are in my Google Reader list, so every now and than I check all the past posts that I might have missed! I´ll try to comment more!

Mireille said...

That is great Isis!! Love you!!

knotsandweeds said...

Happy Blogiversary! It's been so nice to get to know you through blogging. And I hope your birthday was fabulous!

Wendy said...

I'm on year 3 almost, thanks, in part to your inspiration! I totally get what you're saying about comments. I can see how many people read my blog, and I so wish more people would comment as well. Glad that we could meet and continue to keep in touch and watch our girls grow between meetings through our respective blogs! Hope to see you again soon!

dawn said...

Wow, I missed the first 3 years but I plan on being around for a while!
Happy belated birthday and blog anny.


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