Sunday, February 26, 2012

In the air #57

OK, I am in the air while you are reading this.

Flying from Johannesburg to Atlanta to San Antonio.

That means that I left the house at 6 pm on Saturday FEB 25th and will arrive in the hotel in San Antonio on Sunday FEB 26th around NOON.

I don't like these long flights!! It screws up your body!! Your internal clock!!

Distance from San Antonio to Johannesburg is: 9144.1 Miles = ( 14716 Kilometers / 7940.7 Nautical Miles )

Approximate flight duration time from San Antonio to Johannesburg is 18 hrs, 59 mins.

Time difference between Johannesburg, South Africa and San Antonio, Texas USA is: -8:0 hrs

Johannesburg is 8:0 hours ahead of San Antonio. That means when it is 8:00 am in San Antonio, it is 4:00 pm in Johannesburg

Then think about not only time difference and the tiredness you have from flying and being locked up in the air so long, the temperature difference between San Antonio and Johannesburg is luckily not that BIG. Actually this week it is almost the same, about 19C = 66F.

That's why I didn't want to fly to NEW YORK CITY!!

I have my Kindle, Iphone, Laptop and Ipad with me, so I don't need to be deprived of being out of touch... how did we do that 10 years ago??

Happy Sunday!
Mireille xx


Wyndee said...

Ahhhhh--- you'll be breathing that good ole Texas air. San Antonio is a great city--- LOVE the Riverwalk!

Wendy said...

Ah, you could have come to NYC; if you hit it right it could be 60 degrees. Or it could be snowing. With this winter, you never know!

Safe travels, my friend.


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