Monday, August 2, 2010

~ Typical, beautiful, magical Thai ~

After 60 days, 47 posts and 900 pictures later my stories about our vacation in Thailand comes to an end. I never have documented a travel so well as this one!

It was a wonderful time, I am glad that I gave the girls a peek into their mother country, they have a better feeling now about Thailand, the wonderful people, their foods, habits and culture for sure! Having spent day in day out for 2 whole months in the Land of the Smiles at this age, it is ingrained in them now. The last time we were in Thailand also for a long time; 3 months, but the girls were only 4 years old and they didn't remember much. Now they do!!

So here some images that need no words but you still will know it is about Thailand. Just typical, beautiful, magical Thai.

And last but not least, our beautiful and magical Thai girls, although not so typical :-)

This was it!

We are moving to South Africa again for my next blog posts....

Sawasdee Kha!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

~ Friends ~

We are blessed with a lot of friends, new ones and 'old' ones, we met quite a few in Bangkok and we had so much fun meeting them! We played with them, we had a drink and some food in the park or met for dinner in a fancy restaurant.
We connected for the first time and shared some experiences, we LOVED to meet their children and see all those pretty faces. We talked about the past, future and present.
Friends... it is a good thing to have and to treasure... and we DO!

Thank You all for meeting us in Bangkok! I hope to see you ALL again sooner or later in life!!

After meeting in Pattaya all these lovely kids met again in Bangkok, to play for a few hours together, so much fun!
Vicky, Emelie, Jasmine, Patrick, Juliet, Nathalie and Martin!

Meeting for the first time!
Jasmine, Juliet, Khye & Jaxin! Such a great looking boys and girls all from Thailand!!

And here their parents Darren, Sharon, with me and Dirk. Just a quick last meeting before going back to Australia! How fun to finally meet after blogging together and being FB friends!

Jasmine and Juliet with Lily and Mik, meeting at a park, having fun together even though also meeting for the first time!

Here Dirk with Aod and Mel Ita, parents of Lily and Kim the proud father of little Mik! So fun to meet after chatting on FB for a long time now, but meeting for the first time!! So fun!! We missed Sharon though :-(

Here meeting our dear friend/brother Golf and his fiancee at the time Toey, now married just recently! So great to see again!

Here the girls together.

And the boys Golf & Dirk, former colleagues when Dirk was working in Thailand for Van Leeuwen.

And another shot with Juliet and Jasmine. By the way this was a great restaurant in BKK, worth going to: Long Table. Check it out and go there, great views and superb food!

And here we went with a previous colleague of Dirk khun Siriporn and her husband Khun Somdej. Dear friends of us who we meet all the time when we are back in Thailand! We had a delicious lunch at Chinese restaurant Lin-Fa at the Siam City hotel. We had the crispy Peking duck in pancakes, which was so divine and such a delicacy!!

So as you can see we are blessed with so many friends, all great people who we loved meeting and seeing again!!
Hope we all will stay in touch and one day meet again!!

Love you all!


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