Sunday, February 12, 2012

Soccer tournament at AISJ #43

On Friday the girls had a soccer tournament at school. This year the girls had to play against each other, so only one of them could win :-)

They were so competitive!!

Last year they didn't play against each other and both teams won, but now the pressure was on!!

So fun!!

Jasmine's team were called the Rock Choppers, and Juliet's team were the Turbo Turtles.

Here all the kids are lining up with their teams before the game starts and they walk each to their soccer field.

Juliet's team: the Turbo Turtles in blue.

Juliet here in front with the cap, her team was in blue but later had red sleeves on during the game.

Jasmine's team before the game. The Rock Choppers.

Cheering on their team, which was split in half, so everybody could at least play for 12 minutes. With their own made banner.

Is that going to be a goal or not?? Everybody is watching in anticipation...

Jasmine in the opposite team in her black shirt and jeans short.

Both sides want to win, so everybody is running for the ball.

But in the end Jasmine's team: the Rock Choppers win! Their team was a bit of the underdog, but won in the end! Great job 4B!

Even though these are girls from both teams, they still are friends and happy together. That's what it is all about!!

It was raining during the match, but the kids didn't really notice.. only the parents on the side cheering them on were not all that happy...

A good day anyway, and now off to a long weekend, Monday = off!


Have a Super Sunday!
Mireille xx

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