Sunday, February 5, 2012

Changes... #36

Jasmine and Juliet are almost 10, and I really noticed a big change in their attitude and behaviour since they are 9. There has been a shift in their independence from me. Till the age of 8 they would ask me everything, and now they are starting to figure things out on their own. Don't ask me for permission all the time for every little thing.

They are starting to really pay more attention to their clothes and hair, give me that look... that I don't know everything, they know it better, rolling their eyes, talking back now and then. And becoming a recluse... they are spending so much time in their rooms these days, I live with them, but I hardly see them anymore!!

I feel a bit sad about that!!

Like in this picture below, I could do their hair, and clothes and they loved it. This was in 2005, so the girls were 3.... How totally cute where these 2 little monkeys!! I just love these precious little faces!!

I know they are 9 now and it is a huge difference, but I miss that period that I could dress them and they would come to me for everything. I was their saviour, their everything.

Now, I am becoming less and less important. What their friends say is the truth and nothing but the truth... I don't know suddenly as much anymore... at least in their eyes.

And they are not even teenagers yet!! They are NINE!! How come this sudden changes... this momma doesn't like it that much at all!!

I want to keep my babies, a little longer babies, but NO they are growing up. And in a way I like many things of this phase as well, but it is not all fun anymore... cutesy stage is over!!

Now the time has come for the drama's, the slamming doors, the rolling eyes, the silent treatments...

I need to adjust....

Give me some time....

Give me some tips!....

Because 2 at the same time = not easy!!

Where has the time gone, of these innocent times?? GONE FOREVER BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!!

Are you going through the same?? Share your thoughts or feelings, I would love to hear how you deal with this!
Enjoy your Sunday!
Mireille xx


Van said...

M, I can totally relate to this post! My girl is now 14 and I remember those 'tween' days well. As a mother I always had mixed emotions about the changes I saw in her as she began to mature: proud of the smart, confident young lady she was becoming, yet sad to not be her number one girl anymore. I still don't have it perfect yet, but here are a few suggestions:
1. Never allow disrespect - allow them to express their emotions, but encourage them to do so in a respectful way.
2. Always remind them that whatever decisions you make, though they may not like them, are for their best. Nothing else matters.
3. Spend time having fun with them - those are the memories they'll cherish forever. :)
Now that our daughter is a full-on teenager, Kev and I are often on her "uncool" list... but we have to remind ourselves that we're not in a popularity contest with her friends. We only want what's best for her and to teach her the values that will make her a strong, successful person once she leaves the nest. xx

Wendy said...

You are never ready for this. There is no advice I can give. It goes from this "tween" stuff to having to completely let go, all in a blink of an eye. All of a sudden they are 18+ and legal adults and you have no control over them at all! They live on their own and call when they feel like it. The best you can do is know that you raised them well so that they CAN be independent and go out and make good choices. And you can be PROUD that you raised such healthy, happy daughters who are confident enough to be independent! I know, as hard as it is to have an adult child now (Becky will be twenty soon), I am so proud of the woman my daughter has become.

Now, if I can just get through it all one more time with Lily!

Wyndee said...

When you find out, please let me know. ;-)

I have no idea what to do with two the same age either, and my two couldn't be more different from one another.

Mireille said...

Thanks all for these wonderful tips! I know I am not the only mom who goes through this and Wyndee, I am sure we will learn at the same time, so we can cry on each shoulder when our daughters hurt our feelings :-)

dawn said...

My oldest is 10 in June and I am right there with you. Where is my baby girl. This fashion diva is doing my head in. I already get "the look" and I do believe that she is getting moody.
Please find the magic cure for the teenage years and angst that accompanies it.

Anonymous said...

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