Saturday, February 4, 2012

LemonGrass & Lavender #35

Last Wednesday I had my first cooking class called LemonGrass & Lavender at my house.

I will teach my fellow friends some Asian fusion cooking by showing them and then we will eat it for lunch. Most of them wanted to try to cook the dishes for dinner that same evening, so a good sign that they liked it :-)

On the menu was a homemade drink with LemonGrass, Lavender & Orange, a Carrot Som Tam (normally in Thailand you would eat this with green papaya, but since it is hard to find I substituted the green papaya for carrots, but the rest was all the same) and a Vietnamese Ginger Fish or Ginger Chicken dish. I made both, so we could taste the difference. For desert I made a Spiced Mango with Tapioca pearls.

It was a fun morning! And a new experience for me to teach cooking, although I do it more often with my cooking groups, but then I don't get paid for it, since we all give one lesson. Now I am the only one who gives the lessons.

I am looking forward to more classes! Look me up at FB under LemonGrass & Lavender if you like to come you have to sign up on the weekly events.

Next week I will have Asian Appetizers on the menu!

Mireille xx


Bing said...

That looks like such a fun lesson! The food looks amazing! Must have been super yummy. =)

plantagenet said...

wow, what a wonderful meal you made and all look quite content at the table eating your/their delicious food! well done


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