Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancake Day #52

Today is Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Day) is the day preceding Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

Shrove Tuesday is observed in English-speaking countries, especially in Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Germany and parts of the United States. Shrove Tuesday is linked to Easter therefore its date changes on an annual basis.

I had never heard of this (maybe because I am not a native speaking English person?), but saw some comments on FB and thought it was quite a funny tradition.

In most traditions the day is known for the eating of pancakes before the start of lent. Pancakes are eaten as they are made out of the main foods available, sugar, fat, flour and eggs, whose consumption was traditionally restricted during the ritual fasting associated with Lent.

Since I like this cute tradition, I will serve pancakes today for dinner. People in the Netherlands actually eat a lot of pancakes, we have tons of Pancake restaurants in the country, more than any other country I have been to... so why don't I know about this pancake day?? I still have no clue!!

But anyway... at those pancake restaurants in the Netherlands you can get 100 kinds of different pancakes. The Dutch ones are large, and you can get savory or sweet toppings like: apples, bacon, mushrooms, cherries, just sugar and cinnamon and the list can go on and on.

So are you planning to eat pancakes today?? I made 2 versions: Bacon & Apple with maple syrup, Spinach & Feta cheese, so yummy!!
Let's make it all a tradition and share what version you had, a sweet one or savory??

Good day!


JenniferS said...

actually, it is only observed in these countries by certain religious groups. i personally have never participated in shrove tuesday and in my 50 years have only known a few people to do so. i suspect in the netherlands it is a national dish as opposed to being affliliated with a religious event. i love pancakes but eat them as a treat rather than an obligation.

Robin and Kyle said...

I've never heard of Shrove Tuesday either. But pancakes for dinner rock. Especially with the delectable-looking raspberries in your photo. I am so ready for summer produce!

Gem said...

growing up everyone I knew celebrated shrove tuesday, or pancake day, didnt have to be religeous to join in the tradition, also a means of using up the larder (in UK) my receipe is sift 4oz (110g) plain flour in a bowl and make well in centre. break in one whole egg + 1 egg yolk + pinch of salt + splash of milk. Whisk then gradually add the rest of 1/2 pint (280ml) of milk, then add 1tbsp of melted butter. Whisk and let sit in fridge for at least 30mins. Then heat pan, very hot with knob of butter, then poor pancake batter, thinly, flip, yumyum

Mireille said...

We have 2 varieties today: Apple & Bacon, Spinach & Feta... yum yum.

Mireille said...
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