Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carnaval in Rio!! #54

Carnaval in Rio!!


This year I have to do with just looking at these fabulous pictures...


NEXT YEAR... I will be THERE!!

I am planning to go with my good friend Candice, and I hope that Marta & Tehmina will be there as well, as some other local friends who are planning to join us...


Dressed like these girls :-)

And we will be sitting in one of these boxes... see we have connections :-)

It will be A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!

One year to prep our bodies to get into shape to dress in feathers... I better start working serious on this!!

But if you are celebrating Carnaval in Rio, you better get dressed in fancy feathers!! And walk the parade!!

Dirk wants to go to, but we only want girls... so he has to form a boys group and enjoy, he can be on one side of town while we celebrate on the other side of town... or he stays in Joburg and watches the kids....

We haven't figured that out yet... but have a whole year to plan :-)


See you next year in Rio ISIS!!
Get your feathers ready :-)

Pictures from LA TIMES.

We can celebrate together!!
Love, M xx


Isis Natel said...

WOW!! What a terrific idea!!
I´m soooo happy that we are comming! So happy that we are going there together!
I never went there, next year I´ll have a motive for this "crime": I´ll "have" to take you there! ;)
You don´t really need to wear ONLY feathers, so the shape of your body doesn´t really counts. Gosh! I was looking for pictures of costumes with more clothes on them, but I couldn´t find... I´m sure there are! Well... Anyway, we´d better believe that we will have to dress like that, and make an effort on our bodies than believe we don´t and just let it be.
As for the girls (and Dirk), bring them here, and we´ll manage something with the 4 of them! It´s 5 days, there will be times for our fun, for theire fun and for the families fun!
I´m witing for you already... 358 days to go!
Big hug for you all!

Maci Miller said...

Ok. WOW! That it the coolest, most fun girl trip EVER! A wee bit jealous! You gals are gonna have so much fun! Love that you are gonna dress in feathers! Woo hoo! How festive you girls are! I LOVE it!!!!!!


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