Monday, March 8, 2010

Zebra's at our pool!

This weekend we went to a real African Shebeen at a place close by, called Ekudeni. We were with 5 families and had some lunch and fun there, then we went to the neighbors next door to the Heia Safari Ranch to have a sundowner and dip at the pool. But then the Zebra's showed up at the pool!! They were thirsty too. Quite the excitement!! And this you can only experience in AFRICA!!

Here some pictures of the day.

The girls, boys and dads were playing volleyball, while the women were chatting away ;-)

A Shebeen is an old African pub, it used to be illegal, serving drinks to the black community. Bits and scraps gathered to give it a homey feel.

The toilet, now not used anymore... thank god!

An old car, obviously not used any more either.

Our pretty girls; Cherokee, Jasmine, Juliet & Zoha.

When we drove home through the reserve we even saw a ZONKY, a crossing between a Zebra & Donkey! But unfortunately I didn't have the camera on hand... next time. However, we saw some other animals roaming the ranch, like Monkey's, Impala's and Wildebeest.

All in all, a wonderful Sunday spent with friends in a great environment, with lots of beautiful nature and wild animals!! And all this so close to home! Where in the world can you have that?!

These are the lodges you can rent at Heia Safari Ranch.

Nature here is just beautiful!

Have a great week y'all! What did you do during your weekend??


April said...

Oh my gosh!! ZEBRAS!!!!! My kids would go nuts. I am seriously considering a trip to Africa!!

Leah and Maya said...

well zebra's drinking out of our non pool here would be quite exciting. It is just amazing all your beautiful girls are getting to see. I am with you thank goodness that isnt' the bathroom now, yuck.

Wendy said...

We played outside at the end of the cul-de-sac this weekend! I think you have us beat! The zebras drinking out of the pool has just got to be the coolest thing I've ever seen. I would have jumped up and down with excitement to say nothing of what my girls would have done!

Miss Footloose said...

The zebra photo is super cool. A good visual answer when some clueless people ask, Africa? You like Africa? You live(d)in Africa?

I've lived in Kenya and Ghana. I've never seen zebras drinking from a pool, but I've seen wonderful things and Africa just gets in your blood.

I enjoy your pictures (animals and girls!)

Maci Miller said...

Wow, it's just gorgeous! What an amazing experience you are having living there! And how cool was it to have the zebras walk up to the pool? Love the pic of the 4 girls. They are all just darling!

Sue May said...

and we think having kangaroos in the back yard is cool the boys now want to come to your house and live in Africa. I had to remind them that there would be chores there too LOL so enjoying the journey around the country through your lens.

Annie said...

Yes, of course you had zebras at your pool, Mireille. If anyone would get to experience that, you would. You always have amazing sights to see and experience!!!! Oh no, I'm not jealous.......ugh!!!!

Megan said...

There is simply no way I would post our weekend after that!! Oh incredibly cool and the scenery is simply gorgeous!! The pic of the 4 girls is awesome and my kiddos will freak out at the zebra pic when I show them!! LOL


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