Thursday, February 16, 2012

LemonGrass & Lavender #47

So far I gave 3 cooking classes, the first I wrote about already, see here.

But yesterday was my third, the theme was Terrific Thai! I made a homemade drink, I always make one, every week a different one.

This week it was Lemongrass, Ginger and mint green tea. Then a spicy, sweet and sour soup ~ Tom Yam Kung, a Spicy Beef salad ~ Yam Nua and a mushroom version for the vegetarians among us and stir fried noodle dish called Pad Thai. These are real Thai classics and a favorite all over the world. For dessert I made tropical fruits in a coconut jelly.

It is a learning experience for me, not the cooking part, but explaining and trying to follow each recipe like I give them out. Because these dishes I make at home often enough, but never follow a recipe to the T. But if you are teaching that is a different thing, so now I have to follow the recipe in order for my friends to follow what I am doing.

Today I was BBQ'ing the meat for the Spicy Beef salad, and I opened the gas, but forget to fire the flame. Normally I let the BBQ heat up a bit and then put the meat on the grill, so when I opened the gas BBQ again, it was not hot but smelled like gas. So I realized I forgot to push the fire button and then when I did.... of course you can guess what happened... a HUGE flame came up and burned my eye lashes and my first row of hair around my face! Big mistake!! Luckily that was all and I have not a complete burned face!!

Pfew! a big scare!!.... now I am thinking: Are these cooking classes worth my life?? Just joking... it all went well... just a few burned hairs ;-) They will grow back again, and I was planning a trip to the hairdresser anyway soon. LOL

Last week I made Asian Appetizers, I had 8 of them, a bit too much to make in those few hours, although it was yummy I took on too much dishes for 1 lesson. Well, I learned and will not do 8 dishes in one week anymore!

We had: Thai Mieng Kam, Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, Chinese lettuce wraps, Asian Ceviche, Spice crusted Almonds, Maple Tamari Cashews, Miso Aubergine dip, Avocado Wasabi dip and as a fresh drink Indonesian Es Juruk, an orange lime drink.

So you can see that I covered a few countries of Asia with these appetizers. It was a lot of work for one lesson, but I got some help and we all pitched in making the fresh spring rolls and some cutting of the vegetables to make it on time to have lunch at noon, and it ended up real yummy!

It is fun to give these cooking classes and I hope that my friends who come to learn a bit more Asian cooking enjoy this as much as I do!

I am planning the menu for next week today, so if you like to keep updated on my lessons go to FACEBOOK and type in the search colom: LemonGrass & Lavender. What comes up is the CLUB and the EVENT, at the weekly event page you can sign up your name to be part of it.

Have a Terrific Thursday!
Mireille xx


plantagenet said...

how yummy is this!!! All ladies look very content, bet it was GOOD!!

Maci Miller said...

You are amazing! So wish I was your neighbor!


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