Friday, February 17, 2012

Mama Mia #48

Where did the time go that my girls did these performances for us... I wish they would never have ended.

So funny!

So cute!

So adorable!

BUT GONE... are these times!

So what's left over are a few videos....

Now I wish I took more!!

Remember if you have kids in the performing stage, video tape it ALL!!

See here a few of the videos of times gone by.... ;-(

The girls watched the Mama Mia movie at least 20 times... look at their passion... you even hear my mother and Dirk at the background.... Money, Money, Money!

By the way: these cute little polka dot tops the girls are wearing are coming from a Dutch Designer: Br@nd for Girls, check out their site, cute cute cute!! I wish I could order online, but it will never reach my address since the postal system is so corrupt here and steals a lot from packages... unfortunately! The quality is so good in this clothing line, check their online shop and order something you will be pleasantly surprised how good, how fun, how beautiful it is!!

"Lay all your love on me" Jasmine is the girl and Juliet plays the boy from the movie and they push and shove each other like in the movie :-) But then JJ finds it not funny anymore and I stop the movie. My mom giving directions in the back ground... too funny!

And for a while they were totally into Belly Dancing, I even bought them a costume. No words... just dancing :-)

This is only 3 years ago... but they would NEVER do this again!!

Too bad!! I had so much fun watching them.

See all our videos on YouTube, search for Funkydoodledonkey as one word.

Enjoy your day!
Do you have videos to share?

Mireille xx


Maci Miller said...

Wow, time really does go so fast! I remember seeing the girls video singing "Money Money Money" when you posted it a few years ago. They are such awesome girls! Now...and then! :-)

Wendy said...

You gave me a new clothing site???? Oh, boy! Great videos!


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