Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reading is cool #39

I am busy today with my cooking classes, so not much time for blogging....

So here a picture of the girls with their all time favorite hobby... READING!

You will see them with a book in their hands at ALL times!!

No kidding.... at all times!

And it started early, way before they could read, they would love to PRETEND, or just look at the pictures... then later they would remember the story because I had read it many times to them and they would just 'read' out of their heads... so cute!!

I am glad that reading is still a favorite hobby of my girls.

BTW... Ila, do you remember these PJ's?? You made them! They loved to wear those :-)

Enjoy your Wonderful Wednesday!

I am cooking Asian Appetizers today for 9 ladies :-)
More about that later....
M xx

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