Friday, February 10, 2012

More space? #41

When the girls come back out of school, these days they immediately go to their room and hang out there.

Then when I walked by I heard them giggling and talking while reading both a book. (what a surprise...)

But then I was looking at them for a while... they hadn't noticed me with the camera yet and I thought by myself: "Don't they want more space, each their own bed?, or even their own room? It looks so small for both of them."

But I guess they are not ready for the separation yet... because believe me I asked them many times. They like to be that close to each other, I guess they still NEED that!

Kids don't have the need to have that much space I guess... I mean when I am going back to the house where I grew up as a child now I always feel that it is so small!! But then I didn't feel it was small. We lived with 5 people in a house with only 1 bathroom and only 1 toilet. Now I almost get claustrophobic when I think about it that we shared that small space with 5 people. My dad lives in that house now by himself, and yes it is big enough with 4 bedrooms... but the spaces are tiny!

I guess that is the same with Jasmine and Juliet, they don't know any better than sharing their room, even their bed with each other and they like it that way...

I guess there will come a day that they will ask me to have separate beds or separate rooms, and that is perfectly fine with me!

But for now, they just giggle and share all their secrets with each other cozy together :-)
I just love to have twins!

Enjoy this gorgeous day!
Mireille xx

1 comment:

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I think its awesome, I would have loved having that growing up.
Oh about the horses, pegacorns, etc in our house, just a whinny is cute but Maya also has this very high pitched crack your eardrums one she makes, thats the one Benjamin likes, unfortunetly.


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