Friday, February 3, 2012

On this day... #34

Nine years ago....

Can you see who is JJ and who is Jezz??

The girls were 9 months old, and I was living alone with the girls in this cute little house in a Thai village called Huay Yai in Chonburi. It had this beautiful lush garden, 2 bed/bath. We had moved out of our house on the golf course when Dirk's job finished in Thailand. He was already transfered to the USA for his new job. But the adoption paperwork was not done yet, so I moved to a furnished little house just around the corner of our house on Phoenix Golf course. It took us in total 13 months to adopt Jasmine and Juliet. 11 of those months Dirk was in the USA and coming over about every 2 months to get the paperwork done.

The girls and me had a quite time, just the 3 of us in that little house, I really enjoyed the peacefulness that surrounded me there. We did all sorts of things, the 3 of us. We discovered the surroundings, they learned to 'swim' in the pool we had. Smelled all the different flowers in our lovely garden, and walked around the neighborhood. Lot's of times I went shopping with them in the local mall and did our groceries in the supermarket. I took them everywhere!

Not easy with twins that young, but I wanted them to experience it all.

From that little house we lived in we had a view on Buddha Mountain. This was an area that the American army used as a practice area and they blew up one side of the mountain. So when they left they didn't want to leave the mountain half blown up, so they engraved with real gold a Buddha as a token of appreciation for the usage of this area. Now they build a winery around it, but that wasn't there when we used to live in Huay Yai.

It was a good time for me, not easy because the paperwork didn't really go as fast as we liked but the time I spend with the girls was great. I really felt happy to be a mother, and the sleepless nights I had didn't bother me at all. They only slept through the night ONE week before they turned 1. So at this point they woke up many many times a night.

At first I was sleeping in the other bedroom, but after a month or so I turned the Queen bed into a huge crib and we all 3 slept in there for the rest of the 10 months. I slept on my side of the bed and the girls would be sleeping on the other half with their feet pointing to me. Now when they woke up, I could just comfort them without having to go out of my bed, and it made my falling back to sleep a lot easier....

Now 9 years later and the girls still sleep in one bed, but at least mommy moved out... a long time ago ;-)

Enjoy your day,
Mireille xx


zobotvsthemachine said...

lovely story, thanks for sharing! Zoë

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

They are so cute! I had Maya in a playpen next to my bed, it was easier. Cool mountain, must go Benjamin is up.


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