Monday, February 13, 2012

Scavenger hunt #44

The kids are off for a long weekend, today Monday extra day off. A friend stayed over and another came over to play, so I have a house full of kids and the weather is not that great to swim. I hear that they are rowdy and wild, so quickly I planned to get them outside with a scavenger hunt to do.

Google and FB are great resources to make a list in an instant, and off I sent them to find all my items I have listed below.

They went off in groups of 2 and the winning team will get to pick a prize. Jasmine and Cathlynn are in one team, and Juliet and Aviv in the other group.

Cathlynn and Jasmine found a Y shaped twig :-)

Aviv and Juliet are still looking...

Barsa, Cathlynn's dog wanted to be part of the game as well.

Aviv and Juliet decided to take the bike and go a bit farther to get more luck in finding their items.

If you want ideas and do this with your kids, here is my list:

Scavenger hunt around the neighborhood

* Find 5 different leaves, each needs to be a different color and shape.
* Find 5 different stones, each needs to be a different color and shape.
* Find 3 things that don’t belong in nature.
* Find one item beginning with each letter of your name.
* Find a shell
* Find a feather
* Find a nail
* Find a piece of moss
* Find a piece of white bark
* Find a Y-shaped twig

This will keep them busy for a while!

Enjoy your Monday.
Mireille xx


dawn said...

treasure hunts, scavenger hunts are the best. WE love to do them.

Our latest favourite is to play it whilst driving in the car. Keeps them occupied even on the longest of trips.

Maci Miller said...

This is a fantastic idea! Am thinking of putting together one for Ruby's birthday party. Something "sea" themed. I've never done one before. Maybe I will start with this one. THANKS!


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