Thursday, March 1, 2012

A week in the USA #61

A week in the USA and what do I see which is different in SA??

24-7 TV on the Academy Awards, best & worst dresses for honestly 24/7 for how many days now??

And how much can they talk about the 2 top stories: Angelina's right leg (they made hundreds of jokes about it and 30.000 twitter followers!!) & J Lo's nipple slip (they cropped the supposingly showing nipple and enlarged the area to see if it was or not showing), they both had a twitter account... yes the leg and the nipple in itself! Did you see that in South Africa?? Well, here it was on TV constantly!! As if there is no better TV or serious problems in the world during the Oscar season!!

I just can't believe that they broadcast so so much on these dresses, hairstyles, Fashion Police = constantly on TV. The do's and don'ts.... YES, I can believe that they do it for a DAY, but now it is going on for almost the whole week I am here!! And it is not ending yet.


Then what I re-notices is the commercials on medication... I mean that is also shown 24/7, in NO other country you will see this many commercials on over the counter medication...

NO WONDER everybody is over medicated!!

Another thing that strikes me again after living for the last 3,5 year in another country is the amount of SALES that goes on and on... every week another HUGE sale! Not only spring, winter, summer or fall sales like in most other countries, 4 sales a year.

Here in the USA it is EVERY WEEK a different sale! Unbelievable, you would think you get it for free in the end... but NO!!

It's tricky those sales, it just lures you into the shop and you end up buying not even those sale items, but a zillion other things you don't need...

And you know who is good at that... TARGET! You go in for 1 item you saw on sale and you come out with at least another $100 of stuff you didn't want or even knew excisted!!


And you know what... we all fall for it!!


Again 1-2 days in the Mall and I need another suitcase to bring back home. Dirk will be happy that I am back in South Africa, because we don't have that many sales, so I can't go crazy like here!!

Really it saves you money if you move OUTSIDE of the USA, even paying for your own move... you could buy a bigger house and still save money, because those sales don't really save you money!!

But I had fun for a week!!
Dirk not so.... but he will get over it... I see that with my expat friends, who go to their home country and buy all the stuff they have been deprived for so long, the husbands get mad because their credit card it looted till the bottom... but then a few months later he is happy again, that the summer break is long away :-)

And then the same cycle starts over again. At least I am going only a week, some go for 4-6 weeks... can you imagine what damage can be done?? OH I know!! But I am not telling you....

I am mean like that!!... actually it depends how big your credit card limit is... really!

I haven't reached my limit yet, Dirk will be happy ;-)

So what do you notice when you travel abroad and what is different in your country compared to the visiting country??

Enjoy your Thursday!
Mireille xx

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