Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tex Mex #66

Tex Mex rhimes with the ending of my previous blog post... I am funny that way ;-)

No, I am just in a writer's block and don't know what to blog about. I mean there was nothing interesting in my life the last week, so I kind of have to come up with something to keep you reading and coming back to my blog... right???

But while I was in the USA last week, as you know I was in San Antonio, TEXAS.

A lot of Tex Mex food. Which I like, BUT the only thing is that most of it is deep fried, and I DON'T like that!!

So I had those.. which sounded more yummy than they were... lime coriander shrimp tacos.

YUM YUM I thought this is what I am going to order, a real TEX MEX dish, I need to have since I am at the border of Mexico and we are in Tex Mex country!!

But then when they came, the shrimp was deep fried... ME... dissapointed! BIG TIME!

I could have known, if I had read the menu better, but I didn't, so when they came in total 3 little soft tacos filled with lime coriander shrimp I only ate one, and I didn't even taste the lime OR coriander because the deep friedness....

So now I searching the net, to RE-CREATE this dish that I am still craving for but now I am going to make it myself without the frying part, then I stumbled upon this recipe from SUNSET magazine and it looks totally yummy, so who do you think is having this for dinner??

YES, the Dijkstra family!!

And I am willing to share with you, so if you feel like you are in a TEX MEX mood, go for it! But then with a Japanese twist, because I like to twist everything with a bit of Asian here or there... you know me by now :-)

What do you think, does it sound good? Japanese fish tacos with ponzu-wasabi mayo... YUM YUM!!

Can't wait to have a bite of these!

BUT... oh wait, you didn't forget!! I am on a liquid diet (yeah, still), so I will NOT have these, but I will make them for Dirk and the girls, while I am sipping on my protein shake... I look at the bigger picture, it is all worth it, believe me, I am already losing a few lbs :-)
So who is laughing now!

Mireille xx

PS: OK ~ so now I am back on track.... gna gna

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