Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Palace of the Lost City #73

Even on holidays we wake up early, so now it was not an exception... 6am we were awake. Luckily for us the breakfast was open from 7am till 11am, so we could go early and immediately after we went to the Valley of the Waves.

A shuttle bus runs every 15 minutes from each hotel (there are 4) to the waterpark.

The garden of the hotel had some funny looking trees, so we had to pose next to them...

This was the hotel garden with a pool, so if you didn't want to go to the waterpark, each hotel had also their own pool, which we mostly went to at the end of the day, when we were tired of the waves....

At 9am the Valley of the Waves opens and we were there just a few minutes after... so as you can see not many people yet, and we had the choice of the best location to sit and relax for the day.

The only slide the girls didn't go on, was this one. It goes straight down!! SCARY!! Maybe next time... Dirk and me didn't dare either :-)

Beautiful blue skies we had, and really hot weather!

Still not that many people while JJ and Jezz are hitting the first waves...

But then an hour later and it is packed with people! Some running for their lives.. LOL

A waterfall at the entrance of the waterpark.

And a whole row of elephants and a cave with a huge lion on top. All part of the theme of the lost city.

At night we went for dinner at the Palace of the Lost City, one of the other hotels here on the grounds... and definitely the most beautiful one!!

Wow, impressive, and the girls and me decided that NEXT time we will stay here!! It was magnificent and the pictures don't do justice to the hotel. It was so ornate and fabled to be the royal residence of an ancient king. The hotel is a fantasy world conjured out of African myth. And is adorned with exquisite mosaics, frescoes, hand-painted ceilings and exquisite furniture. Which we couldn't let by and we had to sit in some of these baroque chairs with real zebra hide, it was fun to feel like a queen for moment, although JJ was so sunburned that the only thing she wanted was to go home, as quick as possible... poor thing!

She doesn't look too happy here...

This is the dining room, it looked impressive and real beautiful but the food I found a bit old fashioned and nothing really special.. a bit of a disappointment. We were the first guests, although the girls were wearing flip flops and they normally don't allow that, but because there was nobody there, they thought better one table than nothing... Later 3 other tables were occupied, not much and lucrative for such expensive hotel!

But we like it anyway... it was fun to dream of our next stay there! Prices run from $600 in low season to $1,200,- to $1,500,- in high season per room per night.

A fun long weekend! And the girls still have the whole week off from school, but they are actually happy to stay the rest of the week home. They are such a homebodies... it's actually a new trend due to the crisis everywhere... a staycation, have you heard of that already?? So the girls are right on track with trends... as usual :-)
Mireille xx

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Robin and Kyle said...

Looks like a super-fun day. It's funny how we often dream of our next far-flung adventures and forget that there are great places nearby to visit as well.


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