Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bday prep #81

Next month the girls celebrate their 10th Bday... and we still didn't know any theme or what they wanted to do. But yesterday after a brainstorming session with the girls we do now!

Since we only have 1 Bday to celebrate and both Jasmine and Juliet can invite their whole class, or just the girls from the whole grade that is what we do usually. We have a huge crowd to please!

Last year we had a huge and very WILD party. See here if you can't remember, it was an Xtreme Disco Foam Party! and wild it was because a) there were boys involved and b) everybody jumped into the pool with clothes on, so water dripping in my house after they got cold and a huge mess and piles of clothing everywhere!

So this year, again they want to invite boys and girls, it makes it a bit harder to please both genders, but after some brainstorming Jasmine and me kind of came up with this idea: a PUNK, ROCK & GOTH PARTY!

And this image will be part of the invitation, which I am creating now... We have to give enough time to all the children to get their outfits in order, so I want to send them out asap.

Everybody has to come dressed up either as Punk, Rock or Goth, and we are working on the details for the party now... so 1 month to prepare, book the DJ, hire some lights and other details we are planning to make this party ROCKING!!

Jasmine and Juliet are already thinking of the clothing, hair and make-up.... the rest I have to do, well even the clothing, hair and make-up I have to do.... Oh well, with twins it is at least only 1 time a year that I have a party to plan... and if you know me by now, I LOVE to do that!!

More on this to follow.


Maci Miller said...

Leave it to you to come up with such a cool and funky idea! What fun! Love the invite. Can't wait to see all the details you come up with and the costumes!

Happy Planning!

Mireille said...

How is your planning going along for Ruby's party?? Knowing you you must be done by now or not?


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