Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dreams... #64

I am back home today and have a major jetlag!

So while I am taking it easy today, falling asleep now and then, just resting, doing a bit of reading, cleaning up my suitcase...


I also lost a day while in the air, so I have to back log this post to Sunday and write this week 2 post in one day to get back on track...

But let me tell you... I have these dreams, I had them before...

NO, not the dreams I had as a child, where I could fly, did you have those? I always could fly but with tremendous effort, I really had to flap with my arms to stay above the ground, and then I would fly from rooftop to rooftop, see all those magic sights...

but I am drifting off...

NO, now I have those dreams of food... daintly little bites.

Because I started my diet again, my liquid diet! And I did it before, have to look back in my old posts, but I lost 14 lbs the last time... unfortunately I gained them all back, which I hope will NOT happen this time!! Please god help me!!

But I remember talking/writing on my blog about those dreams too, little bites, very delicate, it is more about the presentation than the food itself. I am not dreaming about Bic Macs, Burgers, French Fries... NO, little delicate and dainty bites, too beautiful to put into your mouth!

I just woke up and I thought actually that I was chewing one of those little bites, and then I thought by myself....


THEN.... I realized it was a dream! LOL

I went on the internet to give you a visualisation of my dreams, but none of the pictures come close to my dreams, in my dreams the bites are BETTER, more BEAUTIFUL, more INTRIQATE, you have never seen such DELECTABLE bites!!

These little creations of ART!

Not one of these pictures comes close to my dreams... and I wish I could hold on to them... but already while I am typing this post I am loosing the pictures in my mind...

I want to hold on to them, so I can RE-CREATE!

But they are gone... just like that!

You know who comes close to my images, but only close not completely is MOMOFUKO. It is a restaurant group in NYC and they are actually more well know for their noodles, but when I ate there I got those little bites, pieces of art, presentation is BIG and I just LOVE that!!

For me food is NOT fast food, it is the LOVE and PRESENTATION that you put into it, which I so adore, and that is what I am dreaming about.

What are your dreams about?
Share with me!

Mireille xx


Maci Miller said... I am hungry for beautiful little bites! I love a restaurant that serves food like this. Or at least "small plates" so you can try different things.

Good luck on your diet! I'm sure you can do anything you set your mind to! Just keep visualizing your hot self in one of those fabulous Carnivale ensembles! :-)

Mireille said...

That is a great idea Jen!! Me in those feathers during a Brazilian carnival... I am working on it ;-)


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