Friday, March 16, 2012

Google... the new daddy? #76

Why does your skin get itchy? How fast does an airplane fly? How do the sun and moon interact? Why does it hurt when you hold your finger in a flame? Why does the neighbor smell so bad? Why are boys so stupid? How do fish have sex?

Do you remember that as a kid you would ask your parents a million questions?

I did and my parents didn't always know the answer.. so they bought me this kids encyclopedia. Every question I had would from then on answered with; look it up in your encyclopedia!

These days kids and also MY kids don't come to us with these questions anymore...

And you know why??


Google is the new daddy! Parents are number 2 when it comes for questions and then the teacher or peers, but kids these days find that Google is the most thrustworthy and the FASTEST!

So if we are lucky, Google will come up with a section: Birds & Bees.. wouldn't that be great?? Although I am not so sure about that?? What if they Google the wrong word?? Or mabye there should be a Birds & Bees page on Google for every age, so it progresses....

Are your kids still coming with questions?? Or is Google the new daddy in your house too??


Think about how the world has changed for us.. even only when you think back to our own childhood, which wasn't THAT long ago?? Was it??

It seems like a century ago! When you compare the technology... scary how fast things go!

We better enjoy our days.

Have a great day,
Mireille xx


The Expat Wife said...

So True, my daughter is 9 and i notice she has been consulting Google more than me! Life is so very different to our childhood. Encyclopaedia's are a thing of the past..

Actually...I tend to consult with google for everything too!

Mireille said...

So we both have girls age 9, how fun!! I do use google too for everything...


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