Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shit New Yorkers say #87

I AM going to New York! This weekend!

and.. Ridgefield, Redding and Westport...

To see my friends... YEAH!!

But the main reason is to do my biometrics, part 2 of my trips to the USA to keep my GREEN CARD valid and updated. (I was just there last month) Because I won this priceless ticket in a lottery and I don't want to loose it. Really, I won my green card through a lottery!! Fun or what?

I have it now for 10 years and soon Dirk and the girls are getting a GREEN CARD as well, but we have to live there to activate it, but they got their numbers, which they waited for since 2005!! So the chance of moving to the USA after our stint here in South Africa is getting bigger and bigger, now the question is WHEN and WHERE??

We don't know, we will see!!

But I am side tracking a bit, to get used to the mostly rude New Yorkers.. not really MY opinion but the general public, I looked up this video; shit New Yorkers say, just to get used to it again..

So funny! So true! So over the top though...


And we will eventually buy a place in Manhattan, next time we move to the USA! And a beach house in Thailand... that's the plan! Live in both worlds for part of the year...

How do you feel about New York??
Love it or hate it??

Mireille xx


Miss Footloose said...

Congratulations on getting your dream on track! I lived in Connecticut for 5 years, but didn't go into NY very often because we had small kids and everything was too expensive for us then.

The real estate in Manhattan is astronomical, so I'm very impressed you have plans to buy a place there! But hey, it's a great place if you like cities. And of course Thailand on the beach, oh my, now that I'd love to do. Maybe we will. In a couple of years we'll have to decide on a place to go. We have an embarrassment of choices.

PS: I'd love to be able to sign in with my own name and URL, but can't.

Mireille said...

It is an expensive dream, but we are working hard on it and have luckily a few more years to go to save money! But we like to plan ahead... since we will have 2 kids going to college at once, so that will be an expensive time for us!!

We also consider San Francisco, but that is not cheaper anyway, at least not the nicer areas, which of course we want!

I am fine with Miss Footloose ;-)

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

Oh my gosh, I am somehow so far behind on all your blogs. Just geting caught up, I want to go to that awesome water park!
Ok so the fat lady was I"m sorry disgusting, thats just gross, she should get no attention for doing something like that, I couldn't actually hear it because my computer only plays sound when it wants to, but seriousley, she's healthy, she must be a moron.

I love the girls party, last year looked like so much fun I can't wait to see pictures from this year, and double digits that is a big deal!
I have never had any desire to go to New York, I don't really care for cities and it is true they get a bad rap for being rude and pushy.

Wendy said...

I love New York!

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