Saturday, March 10, 2012

AISJ Festival of Races #70

Yesterday the girls had to run a race of 1 mile. Each year they build up their distance, so this year it was 1 mile (1.6 km).

A huge event, the whole school, parents and teachers were able to run, it was from 1/2 km to 1, to 2,5 to 5 km. Different groups starting at different times, but everybody was out on the fields in the morning.

And it was such a sunny and nice day, not too hot, and defintely not too cold!!

Just gorgeous!!

Such great events AISJ organizes!!

All the kids are waiting in groups by class... I am trying to find JJ & Jezz...

There I spotted Jasmine with Svenja.

Juliet noticing me, while I try to find her as well in the groups of kids waiting for their turn.

A quick picture before the race; FLTR: Flo, Juliet, Jasmine and Svenja.

On your marks! GO! Here are the 4th graders starting to run their 1 mile.

Agustin, a boy in Juliet's class is way ahead of everybody else! He is the 'lone ranger' so fast!!

Jasmine, her race is over and she is watching the bigger kids run now.

After the race... with a medal and a ice pop. FLTR: Rose, Flo, Elle, Kristen, JJ and Jezz.

Everybody walks toward the field for the last race, the 2,5km and 5km, mostly the high school kids, teachers and parents are running this race.

Looking down, supporting the runners and having fun being outdoors with everybody else!

Such a great event!

Enjoy your weekend! We will, because we are going to Sun City! YEAH!!
Mireille xx

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