Friday, March 9, 2012

No Fasion sense? #69

The girls went shopping with me yesterday at Hyde Park and we bought quite some new clothes for them at Country Road, for the first time (finally) they are chosing their own things. Which makes me happy that they are starting to put more effort and having fun in the process of choosing their own style.

So from now on it is not Blue for JJ and pink for Jezz anymore. Now it can be mixed up in any color or style, which I like!!

The only thing is in the morning it took the girls so much longer to get dressed than usually, that I have to start waking them up about 15 minutes earlier to not stress so much, because yesterday it was too much a hurry!

Although the evening before they had decided what to wear, in the morning they changed their minds... 2 times!

But finally they came out looking like this; Jasmine in her new outfit, chosen completely by herself and Juliet in an older outfit, which normally Jasmine would wear... talking about switching up things :-)

Then I got an email from the music teacher that Jasmine was crying during the class because some boys told her that her outfit didn't look nice, and her mother (ME!) had NO fashion sense!! BOYS (4th grade!)... telling ME, that I have NO fashion sense!!

I asked Jasmine if she told the boys that she picked out this outfit herself, but she told me she didn't say anything... as usual my girls are so shy and meek...

When I assured them that I DO have a fashion sense and that they both are one of the best dressed kids at school, and boys have no clue whatsoever, and that they shouldn't care about somebody elses opinion. IF you like the combination, that is good enough!! Don't let other kids tell you what to wear or not to wear!!

ARGH! Kids can be so mean!

But tell me, do my kids look like we have no fashion sense in this family??

I think they look like mini fashionistas, if you ask me! It is just that it is not a jeans and a sneaker, which is what everybody else is wearing... girl or boy.

Have a great day,
Mireille xx


StickyRice said...

Oh M, how could they possibly look anything other than fashionable, with such a stylish mama? Enjoy the '4th grade boys are bleugh' stage, because soon enough they'll be 13 and those same boys will have some strangely magnetic attraction!

plantagenet said...

Mireille, hope its not the same boy that said other nasty things already?
Well, I found that some boys actually say nasty things and even are mobbing because they want closer contact? It's weird and actually pityful, but let the girls ask him, what he wants from them? He will at least shut up..... Verbal Selfdefense can also be trained!!! good luck

Cristeen said...

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Mireille said...

Thanks all for the support, I will brief it towards JJ and Jezz, they need this!!

Funny, how I always thought that the kid with the glasses (ME ~ although I did not get bullied so much, I was too feisty!), the fat kid, or the strange looking kid would get teased and bullied.

What is there to bully about my girls, but hey they find things to tease all the way, even to my pretty girls!!


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