Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moonbasket #74

A while back I bought these lovely crochet votives, and I just put them on my table, they look just great! So when I took the label of the votives and wondered if the company made more of these great items... so I started my research. And lo and behold it is a South African company that gives back to the comunity... even BETTER!!

Then I saw that they have these cute cute lamp shades, aren't these just adorable?? Now I have to figure out where they sell these in Joburg, because the company is based in Capetown.

Moonbasket is a project that was started by Cape Town designer and artist Dani Le Roy. It aims to both support a community-based project and create beautiful items for living spaces.

Le Roy and crochet maniac Laura Summs have created the beginnings of a range of lampshades and other home accessories. Using natural strings and braids, the dynamic team's most beautiful item created thus far must surely be the spiral-stitched ball lampshade.

Using cotton string and jute twine to emphasise the sculptural quality of the stitchwork, the next exciting leap for the team will be into colour. Crochet is one of the few crafts that cannot be replicated by machine. The unique quality of each handmade item produced becomes the most essential part of its luxury.

All components of Moonbasket suspension lighting are fabricated in Cape Town. Craftswomen hand-knit the crocheted patterns that dress the wire frames in Khayelitsha, one of the most troubled townships in the city. All of the women have an existing skill set, inherited from relatives or teachers, which the Moonbasket project helps both broaden and refine.

LOVE this!!
What do you think?

Mireille xx

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