Monday, March 26, 2012

Bohemian Hippie for a day #86

Today at school the girls are dressed up as Bohemian Hippies, no normal hippies no they wanted Bohemian Hippies, more glamorous! With the wavy hair, the head band with the flower, all the jewelry, the soft make up with lip gloss, the whole shebang!

We even made a Peace sign on the tshirt, with glitter... of course!

All the kids had to dress up in the era 50s to 90s, so we browsed the internet a few days ago to see what we could come up with. Of course with excisting clothing we already had, but that is not a big problem here, since they have a 4 cabinets filled to the brim with clothing, so we came up with this....

Fun or what??

I even bought these retro ponchos a while ago, not knowing that they would be perfect for today...

With loads of bangles and glitters they are off to school like this...

I wish we had those fun activities when we were a child, I can't remember that we ever went dressed up to school!

Does your school now or then do those fun things??

Have a good day,

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