Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is sick! #84

Woman marries restaurant chef to become the biggest woman in the world!! Trippin 750 Pound Woman Trying To Be World's Fattest!

I am trying to loose weight (which by the way I am succeeding and already lost 10lbs) while this woman is trying to GAIN a 100lbs a YEAR!!

How sick is that!!

And by the way, she says she is healthy on this video, how can that be??

This couple is out of control, soon to be married, well I hope there next goal is NOT to have children, because this is BAD example for their offsprings!!

It should be forbidden!!

How do you feel about this??

OUTRAGEOUS!! or can everybody do with their own body what they want to do??

Remember when we first started to forbid smoking in public and everybody was against it, and it was up to you if you wanted to smoke. But now everybody is fine with that regulation?? Because they had proven that second hand smoke is bad for you.

Well, in my opinion and it will come down to that in a few years, because the health insurance is sky rocketing and if you treat your body in public so bad, one day it will come to that that we can't eat in public anymore when you are overweight because it is hurting our health insurance premium. So it is bad for everybody..

Watch my words... one day it will come to that!!

How do you feel about this?? Do you think it will come that far??
Share your thoughts with me!

Mireille xx

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