Monday, March 12, 2012

The Valley of the Waves #72

Spending a few days at the Valley of the Waves at Sun City is like being in heaven for the girls!

Being in the water, catching those huge artificial waves, going down the slides called Black Mambo and Viper is fun, fun, fun!

So there is this huge swimming pool which looks like a beach and they create these artificial golf waves, every few minutes this huge wave comes up and the whole pool/beach gets flooded and the waves end up like in a normal beach. But you have to be aware that it is not sand but just a cement floor that is painted from white to darker blue to create the sea effect.

Fun, but you have to be careful to not scrape your bud when the waves take you all the way to the end....

The girls were good in catching the waves, they would go to the spot at the highest level of the waves, where the water is still deep, so they wouldn't be swept away so far by the waves to come to the undeep area. So much fun and anticipation waiting for the waves each time....

A bit anxious waiting for the waves...

How far is it??

We survived!! Each time I had to run to the shore to protect my camera... :-)

Another one is coming!

Whoa... how fun!!

And this went on all day... the first day they stayed at this level, the next day they went into the BIG waves and went all down, but daddy had to go with them first.

More tomorrow!
Mireille xx

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