Friday, March 2, 2012

Last day of shopping.. #62

Still waiting for my confirmaton and a few packages to arrive that my friends and me oredered online and still haven't arrived yet... now I get a bit nervous, because today is my last day.

I am flying to South Africa again tomorrow, so I hope that all the packages arrive between now and tomorrow morning!!

Also my re-entry to the USA is expired today, so I wonder what happens if I dont' get a confirmation??

A bit of an anxies day, but hey I am still shopping at the North Star Mall, this is my view from the hotel facing the huge mall, a boring view but inside it is looking better I promise you!

I knew this would be a boring trip, but didn't expect it to be THIS boring!!

Being alone here in the hotel, doing some shopping, watching some local TV and at least I met a few friends which broke my trip in a bit more fun!

Good to see you Kelly and Scott!!

Can't wait to come back home, probably not posting while in the air...

See you soon!
Mireille xx

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crispinfayol said...

I am still shopping at the Northern Celebrity Shopping center, this is my view from the place experiencing the huge supermarket.

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