Thursday, March 15, 2012

East meets West #75

Dirk is going on a business trip in May and I am joining him... without the girls!

Can you guess which city we are going??

I am excited!!

Just have to arrange a sleep over address for Jasmine and Juliet...

This will be such a foodie trip!!

Can't wait!
Have you been here, and some good tips for me??

Mireille xx


Robin and Kyle said...

If you go to Istanbul and post gorgeous pictures I might expire from jealousy. It's one of my very favorite places on earth!

Mireille said...

I AM going to Istanbul and I AM taking beautiful pictures Robin! At least I hope they turn out beautiful...
It is one of my favorites too, so I am very excited!!

Isis Natel said...

Send them over here! It will be fun!!

Mireille said...

They already go to another Brazilian friend Isis! A bit closer to my house... ;-)


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