Friday, March 23, 2012

Master Chef South Africa #83

Do you watch cooking shows??

I do!

Lot's of them!!

And one of my favorites are the Master Chef series, we had now Master Chef Australia, so far it was the BEST, Master Chef USA, but now we have Master Chef South Africa!!

And I love that show!! So fun to see how the local people from Joburg, Capetown and Durban compete with a mix of dishes from their own backgrounds and classics from all over the world. Always an inspiration for me to try new combos as well!

Since South Africa has such a rainbow of different nationalities living here, the food reflects that and that is exciting!

I would have loved to compete in this show, but you have to be 3 months away from home to tape the show... that is a bit too much for me at this time right now... so now I just watch and enjoy the other contestants.

I am starting to see my favorites forming already...

Which one is your favorite cooking show??
Mireille xx

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Julie said...

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