Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our house in Dainfern #78

I will show you each day a few rooms, since I haven't taken pictures of each room yet. So yesterday you saw the street, today you will see some of the inside.

Our house reflects all of the countries we have lived in, we have items from Africa, Asia, America and Europe all over the place, so it is a nice mix of eclectic and modern.

The house from the front, it has a 3 door garage, 4 bed/4 bath, TV room, Dining room, Living room and a study where I sit most of the day behind my computer. This room is too messy to take a picture. I don't like mess, so I always collect everything I don't know where to put in 1 room, so I have only 1 room cluttered, the rest is neat and organised.

You enter the hallway through the front door, then a few steps up and you are immediately in the living room. Everything is open.

Immediately from the hall you take a few steps up and you are in the living room. It has doors to the terrace here on the right.

It also has a fireplace that opens up on 2 sides, the other side is the dining room.

I just bought a new carpet, it has small squares of cow hide, I love the colors and pattern. It gives the room a total different feel than the old carpet I had there before. More modern feel to it. Which I like.

OK, this was it for now. Next blog post some of the rest of the house...
Do you like it so far?? Or not your taste??

Ciao, Mireille xx


Maci Miller said...

Love it, Mireille! It looks beautiful!!!

Mireille said...

Thanks Jen!


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