Monday, March 5, 2012

Better than sex.... #65


I don't want to bore you with my jetlag... my switched up hours, and my crazy sleeping times for one more day, but I also realize that I am one day behind (which I lost in air) day of blogging, so I am going to do the easy way out...

And maybe you are grateful to me for this, please TELL ME if you DO!!

But I found this recipe online with the title... and don't think I was googling sex BTW... I was NOT!!

I promise!! Jet lagged... your mind is not on SEX!!

But not to defer...

I found these CUPCAKES from the Cup Cake Project with the title: BETTER THAN SEX CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES!!

Well.. it sparked my interest, and here you have the link. Aren't these amazing looking? Wait till you read the ingredients... you will go GAGA!!

So go hurry to the supermarket, get all the ingredients and make these spectacular cupcakes!

And then DO TELL me the truth!!

I would be very appreciative!

Isn't that nice of me, or not!

And now I am almost back to my blogging schedule... I wonder what I have to come up next to do this.

Ciao my friends... you are welcome!!
Love, M xx


StickyRice said...

Oh.My.Goodness. I can feel the calories jumping off the screen and onto my hips. Mxx

Mireille said...

haha... that is so true Sticky Rice, so I am not having these. Trying to get rid of those calories on my hips, but I am sure that my girls would LOVE these!!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I have the better then sex coconut cake, so good, I dont' even like cake but this one is amazing.

Mireille said...

I didn't know there were all these cakes and cupcakes on the market that have the title better than sex... hmm.. makes me wonder ;-)

Kajsa said...

PWT Health Tips looks like delicious

Rock said...

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