Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A sunny day #67

The sun is shining and I just set the table for later today...

It is Wednesday and I have my LemonGrass & Lavender cooking class. We will be eating and cooking some Korean and Japanese food. Korean & Japanese food is the latest health craze around the world, so I wanted to introduce these spectacular cuisines to my friends. Some are not familiar with these kitchens beside the sushi of course!

First I start with making my own drink, I do that every week. Today it is Lavender & Honey Green Iced tea. After that we prepare a Korean Mac-Jeok a dish in the olden days made for the Queen. I also serve this as a vegetarian dish with mushrooms.

Then a Korean Spinach 'salad' called Banchan, it is so easy and so different than we Westeners are used to eat spinach but it is simply delish!

I went yesterday to the Korean market and they had the Kimchi cucumber already made, so I will serve this on the side, I am not sure if everybody can eat this spicy dish, we will see! It's called Oi Sobaegi.

Since we have a few ladies in the group who don't eat meat I am also teaching a Japanese Ginger Miso glazed Eggplant, totally yummy.

This is all served with rice.

For dessert this time I didn't plan on making my own, I bought some Mochi, Rice cakes with red bean paste inside. Mochi or Daifuku is the Japanese name but in Korea they call them Chapsal Dduk. If you never had them you should try them! I know Trader Joe's in the USA sells them as ice cream, so yummy!! I serve the dessert with some MILKY rice wine, the ladies will be surprised because normally I don't serve alcohol :-)

Enjoy your day,
Mireille xx

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Wendy said...

I am SALIVATING!!!! The food looks delicious and the table setting is lovely! Have fun!


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