Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last of the house #80

I am so so behind blogging, because I had either NO Internet connection or VERY SLOW, so uploading pictures was hell! Decided not even to try it anymore... the disadvantage of living in Africa :-(

But I am back and trying to get back into blogging mode this week... I have to do 2 posts a day.

I had one more post left of the pictures of the house, here it comes. I am still working on some areas in my house, and probably they will never finish... you know how that goes. After a while you get comfortable with a bit of mess, I can handle ONE room with mess, and that is my study, huge mess, so NO picture of that. All the stuff I have no closet space for but it is hard for me to throw out (which I should do, because when it is sitting in a box not being used, I can easily throw it out, or give to Khetho for her to sell, so she makes some extra money, but I can't seem to get myself doing it...)

Our TV room, behind the kitchen, we are not much here except to watch TV. And one treat for the girls... when Dirk is not home we eat in front of the TV on this little table, the girls love it, since normally we eat outside on the terrace or at the kitchen table, NEVER in front of the TV.

If you would come to visit us, you would sleep in this room. This is our guest bedroom, with its own bathroom and in a really nice position of the house. On the other end of where we sleep, nice and quite and it has a view on a little private walled in garden. Hard to photograph but trust me this is a nice room!

Since the girls still wanted to share one bedroom, we had one bedroom left over and we made it into a play room, with the girls own TV. The girls are lucky each room has their own bathroom, and this one has a bath and the other a shower, so they can choose :-) Extra mattresses, since the girls have sleep-overs almost every weekend!

First we put 2 single beds into their room, but they ended up sleeping in one each night, so we took the bed from the guest bedroom and put that in their room. Now the girls are happy, still cozy together! I wonder how long that will last. Maybe when we move again in a year or 2 the girls are ready for more privacy...

Master Bedroom, love that we are on the back side of the house, it is so nice and quite and our room opens up to the garden. All rooms almost do, since the house is build in a U shape and the garden and patio/terrace is in the middle. The design of the house is real nice!

Each bedroom has their own bathroom, which is such a luxury when you come from Holland like we do. I mean I have it now most of my adult life, but when I grew up in the Netherlands we had 1 toilet and 1 bathroom for the whole family. I can't even imagine going back to that, but at that time we didn't miss anything... Now we have a shower & bath, so nice!

So now you have pretty much seen the whole house, except a few bathrooms and the study, since it is so hard to photograph these smaller spaces and the study is way too messy :-) Not fun to see a picture of that.

Hope you liked my tour of the Casa!
Ciao, Mireille xx

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