Monday, May 2, 2011

Xtreme Disco Foam Party!

I don't think I have EVER seen such a wild kiddies party in my life! I mean I knew I had to expect something if you expect 32 kids and about 15 adults for a night out at your house. But this was crazy fun!!

We had a blaring disco and a huge foam party in our garden, and boys and girls age 4-10, it was crazy, wild, but FUN, FUN, FUN FOR SURE!!

The kids were on full adrenaline when they arrived at our house and already heard the music 2 blocks away... they came running into the house and were blown away by the foam machine, the lights, the disco, the balloons, the pool and jacuzzi full of foam.


Kids were emerged by the foam, since it isn't that hot here in SA anymore, it is FALL, most of the kids went into the foam and pool with their clothes on.

First time they had seen so much foam at somebodies house!

Then it was time to jump into the pool, a bit cold, around 17degrees C...

Here on the left, CJ the DJ, he was so cool with the kids, making sure they kept moving so they didn't get cold!

Look at all that foam!

Then a dip in the HOT jacuzzi, how nice and warm!!

Dancing and shaking their booties with hula hups.

Coming out of the foam like a monster!

Fun, fun, fun!

The moms inside are enjoying themselves as well.

The moms outside are also having fun.

And a dad with a baby are warming up by the fire pit. Which was a real nice addition to have, since it was a bit chilly.

The TV on to see some glimpses of Kate & William getting married. We had a wilder day then they had, it was a bit boring wasn't it??

The kids dancing and singing with the latest disco songs!

Adriaan & Callum had their time of their lives!!

I think they stayed the whole night just in that foam!

Cathlynn & Jasmine enjoying the disco lights and music!

After everybody left and we only had 6 girls plus JJ & Jezz at home, the girls decided to unwrap all the gifts, always a good part of the party!

The girls wanted so desperately to sleep outside, so I covered the trampoline on the sides with sheets, and put about 80+ blankets, sleeping bags and pillows in there. The girls had a blast!!

After breakfast playing a game that they just got.

A last moment playing with all the balloons before they don't have any air anymore. We had 75 balloons in total, all in Red/White/Blue to honor Kate and Williams wedding, since it was on the same day!

Have a Happy Life together Kate & William!

The Xtreme Foam Castle was organized by Fuzzy from Foam Party and CJ the DJ was from Prelude Entertainment. Both were extremely well organized and they made sure all the kids had the time of their lives!!

I am glad that I don't need to organize another Bday party soon, because we have twins it is only done once a year!! PFEW!! Because this was a major party... can you imagine all the kids running in the house, going to the bathroom, shower to change?? Slippery slide inside my house. So glad we have help here!!

But what counts is that our girls had a great time, and their friends as well!!
What will we do to top this next year.... maybe just a very quite party instead... we will see because the Dijkstra's kind of like it wild and over the top!!

Have a good day!
Mireille xx


Flyss said...

Wow that looks like the coolest kids party ever! I went to my first foam party at university and it is so much fun! I'm sure the girls will remember their birthday for a long time to come x

Wendy said...

Holy crap! You sure do know how to party!! Now why can't you still live in Ridgefield??? LOL!

Maci Miller said...

Love it! When you said you were having a foam party I was picturing like a lot of nerf-type foam pieces. Couldn't quite picture it but WOW! What fun! Looks so so fun for the kids...and adults, too! Hugs and a big happy birthday wish to the girls from the 3 of us!

Leah and Maya said...

That would be the funnest party EVER to coem too! nothing that extravagent here, ever. The only foam thing I've ever heard of is the foam pit at soem of the bars.
That looked amazing.


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