Friday, May 20, 2011

~ Home swapping ~

Have you ever heard of home swapping?? Exchanging your home with somebody else on the other side of the world for a vacation??

We do that!

We take advantage of vacationing in another country by NOT paying for accommodation. It is a fantastic way of staying in a real great place, you choose yourself. An apartment in the middle of a big city, or a house on the beach, or a lodge in the mountains, if you can imagine it you can go there!

You just swap your house with theirs!!

We do that! And we like it!!

We are part of people all over the world who swap their homes for a short or longer time, you can go to this website, which we are part of, but there are actually many of these websites. However, we liked this one, because it had a huge number of homes ALL over the world. So you have to look out for that, that there is enough variety. Then you pay a yearly fee and you are free to swap, as often as you like.

Sounds good or what?? To me it does!

The only hard part is, if you have only 1 house, a lot of people on these sites have 2 or more... then you need to swap at the same time with other people who want to be in your house, and you want to go to that country at that time... so that is sometimes tricky. So it would be easier if you have 2 houses, and you can swap with the one that you are not living in full-time, but we have only 1 house and it worked out for us!

I am going this summer to Bethany Beach in Ocean View ~ Delaware in the USA and those wonderful people of that house came to ours last year during the World Cup Soccer, while I was away on Koh Samui. So in this case it worked out just fine. And I can't wait to go to the beach in Delaware this summer! I am sure we will have a grand time. And all for free!! No money is exchanged, they stayed in my house and I am staying in theirs.

How fun is that?? OR.... do you have reservations?? It's all based on an honest description of your house, and having respect for other peoples property. It worked out fine for us, so I am sure that this time it will work out too. Like buying something on Ebay, you need to give feedback, so if you don't tell the truth it will come out eventually and nobody wants to swap with you anymore. And in general when you check out the houses and the families they are all very well educated, have nice homes, take good care of their stuff, and they will do the same to your house.

Check it out, and see if it is something for you?? HERE is the link of 1st Home Exchange. And if you like to see my house registered there type in 21810 in the REFERENCE slot on the left.

But go and browse a bit in countries you always wanted to vacation and see what is available, it is so much fun to start dreaming and seeing yourself in that beach house in a tropical location. Or in the centre of Paris you can rent a cute little pied-a-tiere. How fun!!

Tell me what you think of this idea??

Have a fantastic day, fantasizing about your DREAM LOCATION ~ FOR FREE!!

I am researching BALI for next summer 2012, first I was thinking of going to Thailand again, but now I am thinking I want to go to BALI ~ Indonesia for 8 weeks. So hey if you know somebody who wants to swap a house with me, put me into contact!!

Mireille xx


Leah and Maya said...

Sounds pretty neat. I thinI would have a hard time having peopel I don't know in my house and I'm not there. If i had two houses so one was just a vacation house and didn't have anything special in it thenI could see it but where we live is not a vacation hotspot.

plantagenet said...

I have a friend in France who did that. She had good experiences. Her house was used several times even with her car!!! Quite daring, since those people were a bit weared and the car did not survive really..However she went to several houses too and loved it. This way she gained many addresses to live all over the world.
I am not sure if I would do it for my house, but would not hesitate to use another...

Teri D. said...

hi mireille, we are definitely toying with the idea of swapping homes. and its so funny you mentioned both bali and thailand. my two favorite destinations. it looks like we are planning a trip to thailand in jan 2012.
and then we have this crazy plan of moving to bali for a whole year in just 2-3 years while girls go the the famous green school there. your post is getting me excited to travel!!! (good luck with your move, btw!)
xo teri


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