Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a late Queen's day celebration...

Every year the Dutch ambassador has a Dutch Queen's Day celebration at his mansion in Pretoria and every Dutch person living in SA is invited to join this festive and ORANGE party. Your clothing should be festive and orange, that is printed on the invitation :-)

Normally it is held at April 30th, since then is the Bday of Queen Juliana, the mother of Queen Beatrix, then is is official Queen's Day in Holland, but this year due to a national holiday here in SA the party was held last weekend on May 7th.

Lot's and lot's of Dutch people are flocking to this event, because the nice thing about these parties are that you will meet loads of other Dutch people you have no clue that they are also living here in SA and there is a free flowing of Dutch food and drinks, which normally is not that easy to get, so we try to go if we can!!

You are probably thinking what kind of Dutch food is there?? Well, to start of we are welcomed by an Oranje Bitter, an orange liqueur, nice... Then we were greeted by a girl who served Dutch Gouda cheese, bitterballen, frikandellen, nasi ballen, poffertjes, raw herring with onions and of course lots and lots of HEINEKEN!!

The celebration is in the garden of the house of the Dutch Ambassador Rob de Vos and his wife Marion.

As you can see everybody is wearing ORANGE!

JJ in line with other kids to participate one of the many games they had for the children.

Here she didn't want to smile for me.

Listening to directions for this next game, water on your head carrying up and down the hill.

And here Jasmine goes.

Both having fun with these typical Dutch games.

Always a fun day for kids and adults!

Do you celebrate Queen's Day or any other National Holiday while you are living abroad??

Have a great day,

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Maci Miller said...

How fun! The girls personality really shine through in the pics. So cute. Glad you had a great day.


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