Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life of an expat...

Means that you will say goodbye to friends all the time!!

Which I HATE!!

Like now, we just said goodbye to Tehmina (second on the left) and now Marta is leaving as well, the one on the right.

Tehmina went to London, UK and Marta is moving to Westport, Connecticut.

And then another friend of us, Hyun, second on the right, is going back to Korea. This was our last DOTT lunch with these 2 friends. (DOTT = Diversity on the table cooking club).

We as expats learn to make friends fast, and we spend a lot of time together. Friends as an expat mean so much more to you than in regular life. Since none of us have family around, friends mean we use them as extended family. When we need help with babysitting, taking care if you need to go to the hospital, moral support when something bad happens in your life, we go to our friends. So we are a tight group.

And because we have so many different backgrounds, cultures, religions we talk a lot about these differences and understand much more about each other than when we would just stay in our home country!

Life of an expat is great, divers, adventurous, fun, but also SAD... when one of us is leaving.... a part of you they take with them.

Good Luck Marta, Hyun and also Tehmina... you will be missed!!

But stay in touch!! We are friends forever, wherever!!

Love, Mireille

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