Thursday, May 26, 2011

I just ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥....

The cooking series Masterchef Australia!!

It is addicting to watch, and I learn so many new recipes, techniques and get inspired even more to cook fabulous meals at home!

But what is also so much fun is to learn more about each contestant, it's reality TV, so you get hooked to the people!!

Here in South Africa we are behind the Australian series. We are on the second series now and Australia is already on their third. But never mind I am following the second series and one of my favorite contestant is Marion Grasby. She has a Thai background (like my sweeties) since her mom is Thai and I recognize so much in her cooking, since she fuses Australian with Thai in her recipes, which I fuse Thai with Western food as well a lot at home.

Marion has her own food blog, click here. It's named Marion's Kitchen and you can find some yummy recipes of her. But in July her 1st cookbook is coming out, so if you like her as much as I do, go and get her book!

She even has her own kitchen food range of Thai sauces and curries. YUM YUM, now you can easy create those Thai curries you always crave for but is too much work to make! Available from Woolworths, well... I hope soon in SA!! Because I haven't spotted them here yet, although Woolies is THE supermarket we go to here.

And if that is not enough, she even has her own cooking show on TV, and that for a contestant that wasn't even the WINNER!! (I am not supposed to know this yet... since on TV here in SA she is still on, but because I was researching her a bit, I found out ;-(

Nevertheless, good for you Marion, all this success!! For me you were the number 1!

But that was the same with the first series, I liked Poh the best, she was for me number 1, although she didn't win the series, she still has her own cookbook and cooking show on TV, so you can see, you don't need to be number 1 to be a WINNER!! She also had an Asian background; Chinese-Malay and her recipes were also a fusion of East meet West, which were totally yummy!

Poh also has her own blog, see here.

I just LOVE these cooking shows, what about YOU??

Have a Terrific Thursday! One more week to go to school for the girls, and then we are off to the Netherlands and the USA for 8 weeks!! A long break for us! Lot's of things to see and to do! Can't wait to get into the more warm weather, since here it is winter and quite chilly!!

Mireille xx


zobotvsthemachine said...

yes! love masterchef. even though I dont cook a thing. My husband is the only one who cooks around here.

Poh was my favourite (LOVE her!) and yes then Marion too. I stopped watching season 2 when she left in protest!
even though I like Adam too.

no favourites emerging from season 3 yet... we will see.

Happy watching!!

Flyss said...

Mireille, I love the sound of fusing Thai and Western! In 2 weeks I'm heading to Maine, New England to teach culinary arts at a girls' summer camp. I want to do some international themed lessons and would love to do some Asian cooking.

Wondering if you have any suggestions for recipes that would be suitable to? The girls will be a similar age to JJ and Jezz, some a bit older. And it needs to take 40 minutes or less to prepare in total. Thanks!! x x x


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