Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What to do with those old packing blankets??

You know I am moving soon, and I was wondering if these days the movers still use those old grey packing blankets...

You know which ones I mean??

I think these days they use bubble wrap, but if they do use those old grey blankets... I am going to keep them!! And the movers will probably look weird at me, but I don't care!!

Because I have seen such a cute idea to re-use them again!

See below, aren't these the cutest ideas to recycle these old packing blankets?? I think it is brilliant, although I am probably not as good as Jane from All the Luck in the World, where this idea came from. See here for more examples. Jane is a Dutch blogger with the most creative ideas, I really LOVE her blog. Check her out...

Are you good in crafts and re-using old things??

Give me some ideas, or share blogs that you like very much about re-creating, re-cycle, re-use... I like those!!

Have a fantastic day!


Curly Birds said...

You know I like to craft!

Leah and Maya said...

I love crafts but I"m not as crafty. Things dont' typically turn out, I mean covering a chair, not goign to happen. I do love to reuse stuff, which is why i have totes of stuff because you never knwo what you might need for a project.


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