Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mark Ryden

I like the paintings of Mark Ryden. They are a bit quirky, freaky, but also innocent and sweet. I am thinking of buying a painting or print from him for our new house, that we finally found!! YEAH!! We are moving the end of next month to Dainfern, during our vacation in Europe and the US, the movers will move everything and when we come back we will move into the new house and most of it will be in its place, how cool is that? Well, actually I would have rather been there when the move happens, but since this is not the case, I have to make sure that my housekeeper Khetho and her sister Jabu will take good care for me.

But back to Mark Ryden, here are some of his paintings, tell me do you like them and if so, which one do you like best?? I told you they are a bit different than the usual painting... so go ahead, tell me, your cup of tea??

I like this one very much, it is part of another one, see below.

I am not sure I would want Ghost Girl in my house...

Now I know where Lady Gaga got her inspiration for her meat dress!

I like this one, but without the Jesus person in the back. Do you like this one better??

This one is cute too.

Angelic almost this one..

But then this one is a bit freaky..

Always that Jesus person somewhere..

Tree of Life with the innocent eyes, not bad huh?

So what is your opinion, worth buying a print or painting or not? You can tell me, I won't be offended :-)
I know this is a specific taste and not everybody likes this kind of art, I just like to hear from you!

Have a great day!
Mireille xx


Flyss said...

I really like one of the red-headed girl with the rabbit pulling her. They are quite unusual but I like the softness of them! x

Wyndee said...

Personally, I think they're creepy & a bit perverted. To me, it just looks like a young girl laying provocatively with a nipple showing--- a bit pervy.

But what do I know? I'm definitely no artist. ;-)

Leah and Maya said...

I"m not an art person guess, a bit to weird and creepy for me.


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