Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~ Paint your own skirt ~

How cute is this??

Honestly... this is gorgeous!!

And so easy... apparently....

Dirk always laughs when I see something and then I say: "We can easily make this ourselves!" See the WE.... we means HIM normally, but in this case I mean ME!!

I want to make this, but not only ME. I mean ME and THE GIRLS!!

It looks like so much fun!!

Let's try it all together, and send me your pictures, we will do a Paint your own Skirt over the World project....

Are you in??

Let's do it!!

Here are the instructions that I found on this creative blog called Filth Wizardry, just click here, go to the Dollar Store, buy some dish towels, markers and acrylic paint... water it down and let your children go WILD... then let it dry completely, iron it, wash it and sew together... THEN send me a picture of your finished project and I will write another blog post about it!!


We will give full credit to FILTH WIZARDRY where I got the idea from, we will send her a link back!!


I hope it is YOU!!

Ciao bellas, start making those skirts, or if you have boys, make a cute shirt or short pants...
Mireille xx


Leah and Maya said...

So you could never wash the skirt????
YOu could get fabric pens so that wouldn't wash off but I still think the paint wouldn't stay on either?

Robin and Kyle said...

This is adorable! I'd be in if I had a little girl.

Maci Miller said...

So so cute! I like the idea - in theory - but I can't sew. I mean, I could hand stitch but it would take me forever. However a cheap bargain skirt that I find for $10 or less would be a fun art project. Rubes would love painting it and wearing something she made. I'm with Leah though and wonder how to wash if I used acrylics. What will you use?


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