Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Can't wait!!

To see this bunch of FUN kids again!!

By the way don't they all look like sisters??

When we moved to Ridgefield, CT in August 2003 the girls were just 16 months old. And since this was a new area for us, I needed to make some friends. So I went immediately to this mommy and me music group and saw a DAD there with his twin girls, same age as JJ and Jezz. So we started talking and planned to meet. But it didn't happen at first. So I just did my thing and I guess he did his thing... till we went to our first Halloween parade in town and there I see this little girl with EXACTLY the same outfit as JJ in a stroller, and the face almost looked identical to Jezz.... you guess who it was.... the father with the twins I had met at the Mommy and me music group. So now I was not planning to let them go without any contact details!! LOL

So we hooked up and the rest is history!!

The other twin girls, just 2 months younger than JJ and Jezz are called Emmy and Ella and with their 20 month old sister Mia we have been friends since that first Halloween in 2003. The girls grew up with each other the 5 years we were in Ridgefield, and we MISS them dearly. But we are so EXCITED to go and visit them now next month!! We will be there the day Emmy and Ella turn 9, so a big surprise party!!

I guess you go through life making many friends year after year, but at least for MY girls, their FIRST FRIENDS are THEIR TRUE FRIENDS and they still are always talking with so much love for these kids, so we make the effort to go back and back to see them and to keep the friendship alive!! And I hope to keep that alive no matter where we move, we will be back to see them and hang out with them. 2 years ago we went back and spend a vacation together on Cape Cod and now we will go back again and vacation together, how fun, we CAN'T WAIT!!

A funny detail: when we would arrange play dates or in the winter we would go and let the kids play in the Mall the dad (was in between jobs at that time) so he would do the play dates with his 3 girls and then me with JJ and Jezz, you would see the stares of the other people.... You could see them thinking how can this couple have 5 girls under the age of 3 and handle this?? Because they all looked like each other, although the Liu kids are half Chinese / half Puerto Rican. Nobody saw that difference, and honestly you can't see it.

We would go to NYC together and do DIM SUM or planting trees on Earth Day...

Jezz, Ella, Mia, JJ & Emmy.

Or rent a house together in Cape Cod and spent a whole vacation together having fun, good food, magnificent drinks and enjoy the sun, sea and sand!!

All together in our beach house in Marshfield, directly on the sea. Having lobster and drinks was the ultimate dinner!!

Emmy, Ella, JJ, Jezz & Mia looking for crabs between the rocks.

Just the 2 sets of twins, Ella & JJ and Jezz & Emmy selling lemonade.

Fun memories while cleaning up the beach!!

We had some good times together, and we will soon again!! I can't wait!!
Soon we will be there guys!!

Have a great day,
Mireille xx


Ellaphant said...

Such memories! I love it! Thank you for the post.

Valerie Liu said...

Oh so many great times and more to come! the girls cannot wait to see their bestest friends - neither can we. Thank you for the great memories and cannot wait until vacation - we will have a great time because we will all be together again love you xoxoxoxo

Teri D. said...

yes they do all look so much alike that i first thought some photographs were photoshop tricks! beautiful children. so wonderful to celebrate these get togethers!

Annie said...

What fun! I seriously had to take a second look at the first picture to pick out your girls. Friends forever, love it!

Leah and Maya said...

That is so awesome. What an amazing friendship. They really do look alike. I bet you did get a few stares, I mean you don't see alot of people with quads.


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