Friday, May 27, 2011

Africa, hats & mittens....

Does that go in one sentence and make sense??

I guess!!

Because it is COLD here in Africa!! REALLY!!

People don't believe me when I posted it yesterday on my FB, but it is so true!!

People from Europe or the USA are commenting that I am exaggerating... but I give you the numbers and then you decide for yourself!!

Mind you, we are NOT living in a country where the houses are insulated, we don't have hats and mittens here for sale everywhere, most of the houses don't even have HEATING!!

So when you look at these figures... it feels TEN TIMES COLDER!!

OK, in Johannesburg it is today: 36F in the mornings and 57F later in the afternoon, for maybe an hour before it starts cooling down again. 36F = FREAKING COLD!! When you have NO mittens and HAT, no heating in the house and the wind blows right through your window sills!!!

OK for the Europeans.... it is 2C at the coldest in the mornings and 14C in the afternoon, but ONLY when you stay in the sun!!

Don't give me comments, that I don't know what cold is.... just come here and experience it for yourself!! I rather have deeply in the MINUS and live in Europe or the USA where the houses are build for this cold, then here in Africa where the cold goes through your bones.

I am and I am not kidding... ask my husband, walking around in my house with the thickest socks you can find on this planet and have constantly a huge blanket wrapped around me, one with TWO layers. 1 side fleece and 1 side fake fur!! Honestly it is so cold!! So I am comfy wrapped in my blanky.... but then I have to go to the toilet and my pee is freezing, I have chicken skin on my whole body and run back to my blanky because it is SO COLD!! So going to the toilet or doing any other chores in the house is not fun, if I can't have my blanky around me...

The girls asked me for a hat and mittens this morning before they went to school... but the only thing I could find where the ones they were wearing when we still lived in Connecticut 3 years ago.... and unfortunately they didn't fit anymore. So I could only give them a nice warm shawl.... and the suggestion to keep your hands in your pockets.....

These hats didn't cut it anymore... here they were 2 years old. LOL, Jezz doesn't look too happy in this picture.
By the way; these hats are recycled sweaters... cute or what?? From Flobberdewotsky, a Dutch online store. So cute!

POOR KIDDOS!! It is almost to the freezing point and they go to school with no warm protection.... I am so glad we are coming your way soon where it is so much warmer!! And go hunting for some gloves.... but I don't think they even sell it here??
I better check because there is a real cold front here in JOBURG!!

And don't laugh or snicker at me, it is TRUE. You should know me by now that I don't exaggerate!!

Enjoy your sun and warm weather, you deserve it after this long and snowy winters you got!!

Have a Fantastic Friday!!
Mireille xx


Leah and Maya said...

I remember living in Guatemala and it got to 39f at night, very unusual for them. the windowsills that are not sealed, all concrete room, no heat no insulation. I wills till fine with it since it did warm up during the day like you said, but you definetly needed some slippers on your feet.
Hope it warms up for you soon, they are still skiing here and its been cold for us.

Annie said...

I hear ya, Mireille. Living in FL, when it gets down in the 30's, to us that is cold!! We are not equipped for the cold, our bodies are used to very warm weather, and besides, it is cold and wet air here. I guess make the best of it and enjoy it while you can! Those little faces in those super cute hats made me smile.


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