Monday, May 16, 2011

Another move...

Another phase in our lives is almost over. We have been here in this house in Fourways for 3 years now, and we are moving to another house here in the neighborhood next month. Can you believe it, we have to move while I am in Holland and the USA? A smooth move, or disaster... we will see in August!!

So much fun we had in this home, and we will have and keep great memories, but it is also fun to start something new and we are looking forward to another chapter in our lives!!

3 years ago, around this time we decided to move from Connecticut to Johannesburg and I can't believe that it is already that long. The girls were 6 when we came, still so tiny and young, and now pretty 9 year olds...

During a fashion show with your most favorite bear... well, don't ask the girls to do that now! LOL but at 6 it was fun!!

Our girls at 9, having lived already in 3 countries, but also 3 continents. Another move doesn't phase these girls!

This will be our last month in our house, and then when we come back after 8 weeks of holiday we will go directly to our new house and everything will be set up for us. Our beds made and we can start a new chapter!!

How fun and adventurous again!!
But now I need to purge, clean up, re-cycle, give away things we don't need anymore. Pack the most precious belongings and just hope for the best that the movers will do the rest!!

Have a great week ahead!
Mireille xx


plantagenet said...

What a sentimental feeling and how adventurous indeed, my friend. I shall be curious to find out how things go, when you come back. I loved the post with kethos little son! Couldnt write here as Blogger was down....
Cross fingers that your 'recycling' and clearing will be successful and you can go on your trip with a good feeling! So sorry, we cannot meet in summer, looking forward to see you Xmas in SA!!!! Yeah, hugs to the girls!

Miss Footloose said...

How wonderful you're being moved while you're away on home leave! Beds made when you come back! Hope the weather in Holland stays good, but it's already been a long stretch of superwarm!

We just moved to another country, Moldova, are in a service apartment and will move into a house on Saturday, but I'll have to make my own bed ;)

Enjoy your vacation!

I have no OpenID and no good google account now so above link is a redirection from my old Blogger blog, sorry. Here's the real link.

Maci Miller said...

Wow, amazing it's been 3 years already. I remember when you moved and I just started following the blog. How the girls have grown in 3 short years. (Loving the cute Indian clothes those gorgeous girls have been sporting lately, BTW).

So fun (but sometimes a hassle) to move into a new place. Great that you have someone helping you and I love that adventurous spirit of yours!

Leah and Maya said...

So how long will you stay in the new house befor eyou change countries again? semms like 4 years might be your max, can't wait to see whoere you all go next.

Mireille said...

We are probably staying here for another 2-3 years before moving to a new country Leah, so it is worth the move... We love SA and we extended our stay here, I would love for the girls to finish elementary school here, so that they did 1-5 in SA and then for Middle school a new country. And then for High school maybe back to the USA?? That is the plan now, but maybe we love it somewhere else so much that we are staying. We are open to anything!! Once you start traveling like us, there is NO end to it. LOL

Teri D. said...

I love this post! i have so many questions! my first is: what initially drew you to SA?

Teri D. said...

I love this post! i have so many questions! my first is: what initially drew you to SA?


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